Drop Ins

We love having folks drop in from out of town.  And we get it - you don't want to go a day or two without your CrossFit FIX!  So we've put together a brief Q & A to answer any questions before you visit CFH!

Q:  Can I do my own programming?
A:  Absolutely!  During our open gyms, you can do whatever you want!

Q:  Do you charge a drop in fee?
A:  We sure do.  A single drop-in is $15 and we have a week long drop-in for $40.

Q:  I'm fairly new to CrossFit.. what do you recommend?
A:  If you're new, plan to attend a class so we can help make your experience worthwhile!

Q:  What's your class/open gym schedule?
A:  Under the "Newbies" tab above, you'll see a button labeled Class Schedule.  Click it!

Q:  Do you guys have protein, kill cliff, and other things like that for recovery?
A:  We sure do!  Whatever you need, we've got it for ya!

If you're going to be in the area and want to swing by for a drop in while you're around, fill out the form below so we can get to know you a little before you come by!

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