CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Coaches Choice! (No Measure)

Start with 2-3m of easy cardio, followed by a functional warmup lead by the coach on duty.


Metcon (No Measure)

Strength Accessory Day

Part 1

10m EMOM

A- 15 DB Hammer Curls

B- 15 DB Hex Press

3-4min rest

Part 2

10m EMOM

A- 6 Bulgarian Split Squat Ea*

B-10 Jumping Lunges Ea

*Use weight if you can

Daily WOD

Emphasize Intensity- Rest as needed between rounds!

Metcon (Calories)

Max Cal 2min – Ski

Metcon (Calories)

Max Cal 2min – Row

Metcon (Calories)

Max Cal 2min – Echo Bike