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Warm-up (No Measure)

Cardio 3min, then complete 15-12-9 of the following:

Front Squats

30sec Front Rack Mobility Ea Arm

30sec Sec Hollow Position Hold


Front Squat (5-5-5-5-5 superset w/ HS Hold up to 1min)

This week we had several versions of strength routines in Wodify. Moving forward you work on recognizing which progressions you’ll be able to use based on your skill level and what equipment you have.

Here’s an example:

Front Squats w/ Bar

Front Squats w/ DB’s

KB Front Squat

Medball Front Squats

Air Squats

Each of the above movements can be done at a normal tempo, but if the level of resistance isn’t difficult enough, you can increase the reps, slow down the reps (tempo reps), or pause at the bottom. Here’s how we’d recommend doing front squats today:

A: 5,5,5,5,5 Front Squats

B: 5×10 Pause KB/DB Front Squats

C: 5x 20 Air Squats

Supersets remain the same..

Handstand Hold Up to 1min

Progressions are as follows:

Pike Position Hold

High Plank Hold

Daily Conditioning

Metcon (Distance)

Cardio Day!

For 15 minutes, you’re going to complete a Fartlek Run. A Fartlek run is typically one where different speeds are incorporated at random. If you’re running on a road, it could be a matter of running hard to XYZ telephone pole, jogging to XYZ stop sign, and walking to XYZ fire hydrant. In today’s case it’s time based. So take your phone and head out the door.

Min 1 – RUN HARD

Min 2 – Jog

Min 3 – Walk

Repeat 5x. When you get to the 7.5min mark, turn around and head home. Class will stay in session while you run; plan to check in when you’re done. Make the most of these intervals.

If you’re using a GPS on your phone, chart your distance in Wodify!