CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Squat Warmup (No Measure)

Complete 1-2min cardio, followed by 3 rounds of:

8 Back Squats (+ wt. ea)

8 Supermans (3sec hold)

30sec Plank (elbows) w/ Band*

2min Ankle/Hip Mobility**

*Use a band around your knees and keep your feet shoulder width or wider to activate your hips (glutes)

**This is going to be individualized. If you struggle with depth, mobilize hips/ankles. If your knees cave in at the bottom of the squat, stretch your groin. You get the idea.

NOTE: Your warmup weights should get you close* to your required starting percentage for the day. If you’ve got a big squat, you need to make significant increases during your warmup.


Back Squat (6-6-6-4-4 ss w/ 15 Banded Face Pulls)

Daily WOD

Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

Complete AMRAP in time remaining of the following:

30/20 Cal Ski

20 DB Front Rack Step Ups 24/20″ w/ 30/20’s (total)

These should be done in sprint style! Rest 2min between efforts. Log individual round times.