CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Shoulder to OH Warmup (No Measure)

Jump Rope 3min, then complete 2 rounds of:

10 Presses

30sec PVC External Rotation ea

8 Push Presses

30sec Front Rack Mobility

6 Push Jerks

30sec Prone Y’s (reps)


Shoulder Press (10,10,10)

Push Press + Push Jerk (3×5+3 (use same weight for all 3 sets))

Compete the required number of push presses and finish with the required number of push jerks without putting the bar down. Make sure you understand and emphasize the distinction between the two movements.
Superset work sets with ME strict pullups

Daily WOD

Metcon (Calories)

Teams of 3 (for total cal):

15min AMRAP of:

Ski Erg (for calories)

15 Burpees


Person one performs max Cal on Ski Erg while person 2 completes 15 Burpees and person 3 rests. Person 2 controls the pace of the transition.

Movement goes:

Rest to Burpees

Burpees to Ski

Ski to Rest

Score total calories completed with your team of 3.