CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Bike 2min

Run 200m

Then complete 2 rounds of:

8 Pause Back Squats

20 Duck Walk Steps ea. Leg

30sec Hip Stretch Each Leg


Back Squat (10, 10, 10 (Add weight to 2/3 work sets from 7/6))

Today you’re going to be squatting fairly heavy for 3 sets of 10 reps, each of which gets heavier than the previous. Make sure that you’re not counting warm-up weights and that ALL 3 SETS of squats challenge you. If you attended the gym on 7/6, go back to check your weights – your aim should be to add weight to AT LEAST 2/3 of your work sets, if not go a little heavier on all 3 work sets you completed. If you didn’t attend on 7/6, just plan to go heavy for your 3 sets of 10 and log the heaviest in Wodify.


– Lifting heavy should NEVER come at the expense of range of motion, posture, or core engagement. NEVER lift so much weight that any of the above criteria are compromised. If you cant squat to depth yet because you’re new, stay light and emphasize RANGE OF MOTION. This keeps you safe and moving in the right direction.

Daily WOD

Thursdays are about aerobic conditioning! DON’T SKIP THEM!

Metcon (No Measure)

E3MOM x 6:

A: 400m Row + 20 GHD Situps

B: 30/20 Cal Ski

C: 30/20 Cal Bike

Rest in time Remaining. Don’t work past 2:30 in any given round if you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while; don’t work past 2:00 in any given round if you’re newer, and scale the 400m Row to 300m if necessary so you have time to get your situps in.

**This is all about intensity and focus on recovery. You’re only doing each part 2 times – once you’re done, immediately begin to control your breathing so you’re taking deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your mouth. Optimally, try to hold your inhale in for 4-5 seconds before exhaling under control. If you can do that in spite of your panic breathing, you’ll feel your heart rate go down faster.
Scale GHD situps to Abmat Situps if necessary.