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Clean & Jerk Warmup (No Measure)

Do 2-3min cardio of your choice, then complete the following C&J drills:

Clean Deadlift to Knee (top) x 5

Hang Clean Pull x 5

High Hang [squat] Clean x 5

Mobilize your front rack for 1min, then:

Clean Deadlift to Knee – Pause 3sec, then Hang [clean] x 3

[Squat] Clean x 3

Split Jerk x 3

Mobilize your hips for 1min, then:

[Squat] Clean + Jerk x 6 – *These are not touch and go Clean & Jerks. Add weight after every 2 reps and work up to roughly 50% of your current 1rm.


t: Power Clean (Establish 1RM)

Daily WOD

Metcon (Time)

50/35 Cal Echo Bike Buy-In then

5 RFT of the following:

8 Squat Cleans 135/95#

8 Chest to Bar Pullups

Timecap 14min

*Scale so you can complete this.