Crossfit hanover coaching staff

Dan Sell – Owner, Founder, Coach, Personal Trainer.  Dan opened CrossFit Hanover in 2009 and has been the Owner/Operator since.  He’s got a Bachelors Degree in Exercise, Sport, and Health Education [with a concentration in Exercise Science] from Radford University and has worked in the fitness industry since he graduated in 2005.  Sell is a CrossFit LVL-2 Coach and holds CrossFit Weightlifting, Strongman, and Football Certificates.

Dan has 3 kids and a Great Dane, Lily.  In his free time, Dan practices photography and enjoys cooking/hiking/outdoor activities.  Dan opened CrossFit Hanover in 2009 so he could help the Hanover PA community become healthier through fitness.  CrossFit Hanover has been a CrossFit Affiliate since 2010; one of the longest standing CrossFit gyms in South Central PA.  To reach Dan, you can email him here.

Matt Myers – Manager, CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer.  Matt has been coaching at CrossFit Hanover since 2016; he began interning with us after he completed his LVL-1 Certificate Course.  During that time, he demonstrated a huge passion for helping people achieve their fitness goals.  Within a short period of time, Matt had earned certifications from USA Powerlifting and USA Weightlifting and uses the skills learned during these educational courses to help both CrossFit athletes and his personal training clients alike.

Matt is married and has 2 kids and resides in Dover, PA.  When he’s not coaching athletes, Myers can be found spending time with his family or fishing.  To reach Matt for Personal Training inquiries, email him here.

Kristin Smith, CrossFit Coach.  Kristin began doing CrossFit in 2012.  She became a CrossFit instructor at CFH in late 2014.  She spends most of her evenings in the gym training or coaching CrossFit classes.  In 2018, Kristin earned her CrossFit LVL-2 Certificate, but has also held the CrossFit Kids certification.

Coach Kristin loves helping people to become better versions of themselves.  She does a great job at helping athletes find a new level of intensity to get the most out of their workouts.  In her free time, you’ll find Kristin traveling and enjoying the outdoors to get the most out of life.  She runs, hikes, and golfs regularly.

Cory Smith, CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer.  Cory began his CrossFit journey in high school; He played football at Delone Catholic High School and trained at CFH during the summer-length strength & conditioning camp run by Coach Dan.  A few years out of high school, Cory returned as an athlete and eventually became a coach.  He’s passionate about helping people meet their fitness goals and enjoys seeing people develop a lifelong love for fitness, as he did in high school.  Cory holds his CrossFit LVL-1 Certificate and has taken several online continuing education courses through CrossFit.

Cory works full time building custom homes in the Hanover area with his Dad.  He also enjoys trout fishing and spending time with his friends and his girlfriend, Lauren.

Jon Light, CrossFit Coach.  Jon began his CrossFit journey as a member of CrossFit Hanover in 2013.  After a few years of seeing the true benefit of the CrossFit training program, Jon decided to become a coach.  Light completed his CrossFit LVL-1 in 2017 and has plans to take the CrossFit Gymnastics Course in the future.

Jon has a wife, Sarah, 2 kids, and is a huge outdoors enthusiast.  When he’s not working/coaching, he’s spending time with his family outside!  Jon and his crew regularly complete obstacle course races, paddleboard, and take family trips.

Steve Norris, CrossFit Coach.  Steve started training at CrossFit Hanover in 2016.  It all started because he had a few hours to kill while his daughters did gymnastics; from there it developed into a love of the workouts, community, friendships, and the results.  He earned his CrossFit LVL-1 certificate in 2017 and has been an evening coach since.

As is often the case, once one spouse begins CrossFit.. the other is soon to follow.  Steve’s wife, Faith, has been coming to CrossFit for almost 2 years and absolutely loves it.  They use their fitness to do lots of outdoor activities as a family.  Steve is an avid rucker, and has recently developed a love for running.

Hannah Glover, Sweat Shop Coach, Sports Performance Coach.  Hannah is the newest addition to our team; in August of 2019 she completed a 10 week internship to help fulfil her degree requirements.  As of August 17 2019, she will hold a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Mount Olive College in North Carolina.  Hannah was a 4 year track and field athlete and is currently on the path to take her NSCA CSCS certification in the fall.

Hannah is incredibly enthusiastic about working in the fitness industry and spends a great deal of her free time researching fitness, CrossFit, and strength & conditioning.  She coaches our Sweat Shop program and helps run sports performance classes for high school athletes looking to raise their game.  Stay tuned for more from Hannah.

**NOT PICTURED – Coach Joe Stonesifer.  Picture/Bio coming soon.