The workouts pull you in. The #fitfam keeps you coming back for more. The culture at CFH can virtually guarantee your success.

FITFAM (fit-fam) Noun: People who support one another to reach their ideal fitness goals. Often referred to in certain fitness groups as a community.

Picture this.

You start a fitness program and you’re loving it. You go into the gym, do your thing, head home, and you’re in and out in 60minutes. You’re super consistent, making progress, and all is well.

Then one day, IT happens. You forget your gym back so you skip the gym. Then the next day you’ve got a headache. The day after that, your bossyells at you and ruins your mood. And you can’t go the following day because your kids have soccer practice. And when Friday rolls around, well, you’ve already missed 4 days so there’s no point. IT is inevitable. IT is life. IT has derailed your progress, your positivity, and left you dead in the water.

Now picture all of the above happening to you, but this time you’re attending a gym where you’ve got coaches and friends helping you, motivating you, and checking up on you. By Wednesday you’ve got 3 texts from fellow CrossFit Hanover members and a half dozen messages on facebook asking where you’ve been. You’ve got a built in support system. You miss those high fives and fist bumps. By Wednesday, you’re chomping at the bit to get back into the gym. You’re unwilling to give up on the gym, because you’ve got a #fitfam that’s waiting for your return.

Fitness isn’t easy. Life happens. Having a group of enthusiastic, supportive, like-minded people on your side at all times makes giving your all much, much easier.

We’re here for you – you’ve just gotta give us a chance to show you!  “How,” you ask?  Simple.  Schedule a “No Sweat Intro” – we’ll sit down for 15-20min and talk about your goals and specific needs, then recommend a program that will best suit you.  There’s no obligation whatsoever.