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But FIRST…. check out what a few of our members have had to say about CrossFit Hanover..

“Great community of genuine people who share a passion to better themselves and each other. Great coaches with a wealth of knowledge.”

“After a couple of weeks of doing CrossFit, I did not think this was for me since I did not have any weight lifting experience and being older than most of the people in the class, I felt very out of place. CFH coaches were very helpful and modified the WODs to my capabilities while taking me outside my comfort level. Members made me feel at home and were very supportive. Well, that was over 5-years ago. Joining this community/family was one of the best decisions I made. No other gym compares to CFH.”
“Great workouts. Great people. I’m having a blast getting in shape and every day is new and exciting.”
“I just finished Crossfit Hanover’s foundation class and it was amazing. It was so detailed and I learned so much. I’m just now starting regular classes and everyone is so helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend Crossfit Hanover no matter what your fitness level is they will help and motivate you!”
“It’s hard to believe, that after two years, I’m finally writing a review! I think the fact that I’ve trained here for two years says it all. The trainers are knowledgeable, the facility is perfectly located, and it’s definitely a family atmosphere. We get pushed and we push each other. Dan creates programming for us that allows us to see unbelievable results! Stop in and check it out…you won’t be disappointed!”
“For years I wanted to give CrossFit a try but was always too intimidated. I became a member in January and I’ve got to say CFH is one of the least intimidating places. The coaches are AMAZING & the members are welcoming & inspiring. Since joining I’ve gotten stronger and have a major increase in confidence. I’m looking forward to seeing how much more I can accomplish!”

“5 stars is not enough to describe Crossfit Hanover. I joined just 3 months ago and love it!! A year ago I never would of thought I’d be a part of this amazing family. Dan and his crew are the reason i pull myself out of bed everyday. My self confidence, strength and self worth are slowly being restored. For anyone that’s struggling with joining or is feeling like no one cares about you please do it!! You will love this family more than your own♡♡♡ #yolo #Ucandoit2”

“Great members/friends that motivate each other, coaches that care about form and plan great workouts, plenty of pull-up bars, barbells and endless amounts of plates, squat racks, chalk, and a mop bucket to clean my sweat puddle up after each workout. This is what keeps me coming back after all these years!”