Workout Of The Day

09.17.2021 – Friday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Barbell Warmup – Power Clean (No Measure)

Row/Bike/Jump Rope for 2-3m, then complete 3 rounds of:

8 Clean Deadlift

6 Low Hang Clean Pull

4 Hang Power Clean

2 Power Clean

*Your first two rounds should be with an empty bar. Add a light weight for your last round. Perform any relevant mobility before starting your work sets.


Power Clean (5×3 @ Same Weight, Increase from 9/8 if you can )

Clean Pull (3×3)

Daily WOD

Metcon (Time)

Complete 15-12-9 of the following:

DB Deadlifts 50/35#’s

C2B Pullups

Then, Immediately complete 15-12-9 of the following:

DB Front Squats 50/35#’s


*Use a gymnastics progression. Scale to pushups if need be.

Timecap 12min

09.16.2021 – Thursday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Deadlift/Bench Press Warmup (No Measure)

2min Cardio, followed by 2x:

8 Deadlifts

5 Inchworms w/ Pushup

8 Bench Press

15 Band Face Pulls


Deadlift (4,4,4,4)

Bench Press (4,4,4,4)

Daily WOD

Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Complete 5 Rounds, each for time of the following:

30/20 Cal Echo Bike

Rest as needed between efforts. This is all you have to do today – make each round count.

09.15.2021 – Wednesday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Shoulder to OH Warmup (No Measure)

Jump Rope 3min, then complete 2 rounds of:

10 Presses

30sec PVC External Rotation ea

8 Push Presses

30sec Front Rack Mobility

6 Push Jerks

30sec Prone Y’s (reps)


Shoulder Press (4-4-4-4)

Increase load from 9.3.21

Push Press + Push Jerk (3 x 1 + 3 (Increase from 9.3.21))

Compete the required number of push presses and finish with the required number of push jerks without putting the bar down. Make sure you understand and emphasize the distinction between the two movements.

Daily WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

With a partner, complete MAX REPS in 15min of the following:

Clean & Jerks 135/95#

While one person works on C&J Reps, the other person does a 50′ OH Lunge 45/25#. Once BOTH PEOPLE have completed a round of OH Lunges, BOTH PEOPLE sprint 200m together.

09.14.2021 – Tuesday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Squat Warmup (No Measure)

Complete 1-2min cardio, followed by 3 rounds of:

8 Back Squats (+ wt. ea)

8 Supermans (3sec hold)

30sec Plank (elbows) w/ Band*

2min Ankle/Hip Mobility**

*Use a band around your knees and keep your feet shoulder width or wider to activate your hips (glutes)

**This is going to be individualized. If you struggle with depth, mobilize hips/ankles. If your knees cave in at the bottom of the squat, stretch your groin. You get the idea.

NOTE: Your warmup weights should get you close* to your required starting percentage for the day. If you’ve got a big squat, you need to make significant increases during your warmup.


Back Squat (4-4-4-4 (increase 2/4 of your work sets))

Front Squat (4-4-4-4 (increase 2/4 of your work sets))

Daily WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Complete AMRAP 5min of the following:

5 Thrusters 115/75


9 Jumping Lunges (ea)

Rest 2min

Complete 3 total AMRAPs, starting over each time.

09.13.2021 – Monday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Coaches Choice! (No Measure)

Start with 2-3m of easy cardio, followed by a functional warmup lead by the coach on duty.

Accessory Work

Pendlay Row (12-10-8-6)

Superset work sets with 15/12 cal ABSOLUTE sprints on the ski Erg

Daily WOD

Metcon (Time)

Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:

5 Clean & Jerks 185/115#

10 C2B Pullups

20 Hand Release Pushups

40 DU

09.11.2021 – Saturday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Coaches Choice! (No Measure)

Start with 2-3m of easy cardio, followed by a functional warmup lead by the coach on duty.

Daily WOD

P1: Metcon (Time)

With a partner, complete a 2001m Row Time Trial. Pretend this is a competition – you and your partner will switch whenever you want, but must do so quickly and work to maintain a maximum intensity level. Go as hard as you can and log your team finish time in Wodify. This should be under 8min for sure.

P2: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 20:01 (by yourself)

11 Deadlifts 135/95#

11 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#

11 Push Jerks 135/95#

20 Box Step Ups Ea 24/20″

01 Rope Climb

“MOMENT OF SILENCE” FROM 8:45-9:03 – the time that the first and second towers were struck.

Sub 1 Strict Ground-to-Standing Rope Ascent for Rope Climb.

09.10.2021 – Friday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Burgener Warm-up (No Measure)


1. Down and “Finish”

2. Elbows High and Outside

3. Muscle Snatch

4. Snatch Lands at 2″, 4″, 6″

5. Snatch Drops


1. Snatch Push Press

2. Overhead Squat

3. Heaving Snatch Balance

4. Snatch Balance without a dip

5. Snatch Balance with a dip


5 : Power Snatch (4×4 (Increase from 8/31))

4 x 4 at the same weight!

Overhead Squat (2-2-2)

Increase all work sets from 8/31. These should all be heavy, some approaching your current 1RM weight!

Daily WOD

Metcon (Time)

Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:

15 Power Snatches 75/45#

15 Hand Release Pushups

25 Abmat Situps
Timecap 15min. Rx+ = 15 GHD SU for 25 Abmat Situps