Workout Of The Day


CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Squat Warmup (No Measure)

Complete 2-3min cardio, followed by 3 rounds of:

5 Pause back squats

5 Back rack lunges ea.

5 Inchworms w/ Pushup

*Add weight to the barbell for each round.


Back Squat (3-3-3-3-3)

Daily WOD

Cindy (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

11.27.2019 – Wednesday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

2-3min cardio followed by coach-lead power snatch drills:

High Hang Pull

High Hang Power

Hang Pull

Hang Power

Low Hang Pull

Low Hang Power




Power Snatch Complex (3/2/1 Power, Hang Power, High Hang Power)

Sets and reps will vary based on the complex. See comments for specific instructions.
1 “Rep” = 1 Complex of

3 Power Snatches

2 Hang Power Snatches

1 High Hang Power Snatches

This will be light and fast. Your reps should be confident and technically accurate.

Increase load along the way as necessary but don’t work to a weight that causes you to miss reps.

Daily WOD

Metcon (Time)

Complete 3 Rounds for Time of:

20 Bumper Plate G2OH 45/35#

50’ OH Lunges

20 Bumper Plate Squats 45/35#

50’ Plate Lunges

100 Plate Flutter Kicks Ea Leg 45/35-#

Timecap 20min

*Bumper plate squats involve squatting while holding bumper plate against your chest, “hugging” it. Plate Lunges involve lunging while holding the plate in the same position.

*Plate flutter kicks involve holding the plate at extension and completing flutter kicks. To RX this, your shoulder blades must be off the ground while doing flutter kicks and your feet must go from 2″ to 2’ off the ground.

11.26.2019 – Tuesday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Coaches Choice! (No Measure)

Start with 2-3m of easy cardio, followed by a functional warmup lead by the coach on duty.

Skill WOD

Spend 12min (6/6) practicing progressions to optimize technique with KB swings and pushups. Get cues from your coach on mechanics to dial in your technique.

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM x 8

A: 20 KB Swings 70/53#**

B: ME Unbroken Pushups*

**Go heavier than what you’re used to if you can. Be aggressive with your technique and do them right!

*Emphasize technique.

Performance Test

Intensity is paramount. Rest as needed between efforts and start wherever you are able to. Go as hard as you can.

100 Cal Xebex for Time (Time)

Hit the gas pedal. Go for broke!

100cal Ski for Time (Time)

100cal Ski for Time

100cal Row for Time (Time)

100cal Row for Time

11.25.2019 – Monday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

Jump rope 3min, followed by 3x

15 Band rear Delt fly on rig

12 Ring Rows



Overhead Squat (Establish 1RM)

If you’re not ready for a 1RM, complete 5×5 increasing the load as needed and work on mechanics.

Daily WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 12min of the following:

8 OHS 115/75#

8 Bar Facing Burpees

2 x 180’ Suicide Shuttle*

*These need to be legit sprints. Rest between them for a few seconds. If you’re jogging you’re just jogging. SPRINT.

If you can’t sprint, substitute your effort with 15 cal sprint on bike or rower.

11.22.2019 – Friday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Bench Press Warmup (No Measure)

Cardio 2-3min (Rowing Preferred) followed by 3x

8 Pause Bench Press

12 DB Bent Over Rows

16 Band Face Pulls


Bench Press (5 x ME at 75%)

Superset work sets with 15 KB Pullovers

Daily WOD

Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM x12

A – 15 Wallballs 20/14

B – 100’ Sled Drag 135/90#

11.21.2019 – Thursday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Barbell Warmup – Power Clean (No Measure)

Row/Bike/Jump Rope for 2-3m, then complete 3 rounds of:

8 Clean Deadlift

6 Low Hang Clean Pull

4 Hang Power Clean

2 Power Clean

*Your first two rounds should be with an empty bar. Add a light weight for your last round. Perform any relevant mobility before starting your work sets.


Hang Power Clean (5-4-3-2-1 (see comments))

5-4-3-2-1 superset with

15 DB Bent Over Row

ME Strict Pullups

*Your final set is a heavy single, not necessarily a 1RM. Don’t allow for mechanical breakdown.

Daily WOD

Metcon (Time)

Complete for Time:

3 Rounds of:

5 Hang Power Clean 155/105


3 Rounds of:

7 Hang Power Cleans 135/95


3 Rounds of:

9 Hang Power Cleans 115/75


Timecap 15min

11.20.2019 – Wednesday

CrossFit Hanover – CrossFit


Coaches Choice! (No Measure)

Start with 2-3m of easy cardio, followed by a functional warmup lead by the coach on duty.


Metcon (No Measure)

Complete 5 Rounds of the following:

50’ Double KB Front Rack Lunges

20 KB See Saw Press

100’ KB OH Walk

Rest 90sec between rounds but don’t rest at all during the rounds. Focus on mechanics and increase the load if you’re able.

Daily WOD

Metcon (3 Rounds for calories)

In teams of 3, complete the following

Part 1 -6min


Person 2 – Ball Slams

Person 3 – Abmat Situps

Part 2-6min


Person 2 – Hand Release Pushups

Person 3 – Abmat Situps

Part 3-6min


Person 2 – Alt DB Snatch

Person 3 – Abmat Situps

Rest 2min between efforts. The pace is controlled by person 1 who completes 10 cal on each machine.

Go for broke on these cal!